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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, feel free to post a comment or to send an email directly to me.

1. Are you insured? Yes, I am.

2. What do you use to wash the windows? I use Joy dishwashing soap and water to clean your windows. Joy is a great cleaner and isn't harmful to your pets, children or window tint. Joy is not oil-based like other soaps, therefore, it doesn't streak. To put the soap on your windows, I use a scrounge, which is a marketed washrag-like a sponge on a stick. To remove the soap and water, I use a squeege. I place towels under the windows and over furniture to maintain the cleanliness of your home. I use Spot-X (available at Home Depot)to remove hard water spots.

3. Do you use razor blades? Yes, I use marketed 6" razor blades to remove paint, stucco, stickers, hard water, bird droppings, and anything else you can imagine-the key element to getting your windows so clean. Are the razor blades harmful to my winows? No.

4. What else do you do with the windows? I always clean the tracks (where the window and screen sit) and wipe off window sills. When I am finished, your whole window should look clean and shiny.

5. What about screens? Not everyone has screens, or needs them cleaned every time. For this reason, cleaning screens is only at your request and is an additional $10 to $25 depending on number of screens to be cleaned. To wash your screens I simply spray them off w/ a spray nozel. This removes the cobwebs and dust that have accumulated since the last cleaning, and the dirt that collects on the bottom of the screen between the frame and matting.

6. When do you use a power washer? Only when you request a power wash do I power wash your house-the siding, patio's, porches, and gutters. We do not use the power washer on the windows like other companies do. Why? because the force of the water can seperate the window panes from the window frame and create condensation inbetween the panes, and cause other damage to your windows. I also cannot see the window I'm trying to clean if I'm standing on the ground shooting water up at it. The best way to clean a window is to be up against it where you can see what needs to be done to clean it. For this reason we only hand wash windows, even though it takes longer.

7. What does the client need to do before Kenneth comes to do my windows? You need to relax and watch me work. However, If you remove furniture away from your windows, and pull blinds for me before I do the inside, I will give you a discount for helping me go faster.

8. Is there anything else you will clean? Yes: mirrors, sky lights, chandeliers, interior doors, and basically anything else you might want done.

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